About Us

Your Inspiration Platform believes that it is possible to live your best life! We are a platform to help promote self and mental awareness.

Our mission? Is to plant a seed of hope and to encourage, inspire, and empower.

In 2017, this project was founded in an effort to reach out and create an impact in our community using inspirational and motivational material to help remind people of their great potentials. 

In this day and age, with the internet and social media. the world is becoming seemingly more dangerous, and it's harder than ever before to feel safe and be genuinely be happy and feel worthy. We have seen first hand that people are feeling more and more inadequate and anxious.

The stigma is ongoing, profound and it truly breaks our heart.

This has led us to act and to make a change. Our strategic mission is to use some of the sales profit from selling inspirational items (t-shirts, totes, mugs etc.) to help organisations that support people with professionally services to improve their mental health and well-being.

We believe it’s possible for everyone to live their best life, many just need access to the right support.

Mentally, people are exhausted trying to fit in and deal with the tremendous amount of stress that comes with living.  So we are here to plant a seed of hope and remind people that we all ‘HAVE A PURPOSE’ on this earth!

There is a purpose for all of us in life, no matter how life gets at times. Sometimes all we need is to reach out and help each other, by simply holding space for one another or by being there for support or recommend available professional services.